Thursday Morning
Posted by Ana Lucia at 10:50 pm in Ana's Musings...

This is my Turdsday morning and I should start getting ready to work soon. I am seeply. My husband just went to bed now. I miss him. Wish I was very together with him now… christmas-hallway-decorations-christmas-christmas-decorating-ideas-jane-asher-matalanHe will be here with me soon. Thank God! I MISS him SOOO MUCH!!! be-french-and-eat-macaroons-4Much more than the words can say. I dont really care for Xmas time whatsoever. My Xmas will be my husband close to me. This is my reason to celebrate.macaroons_downtown_chicago

Almost two weeks for Cam to arrive here and almost two weeks for my tme off work and I am sooooooo looking fowrard. I am tired.macaroons93

Anyway, gotta make the bed and get ready to work. Tonight should be fun TV evening for me. There will be a movie about Celine Dion´s life and also her concert. Looking forward to watch it.keep-calm-and-eat-macaroons-17

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