I Love Our Blog, my Husband!
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It feels so good that Cam and I have thhis blog as its our place to express and sometimes it works like therapy and feels good after I´ve written!hawaiian-hula-dancers-hawaii-321545

I was invited via email to a little gathering with my old school mates next Tuesday, at 6 PM, in a restaurant very close to my fathers place. Well, I think I will stop by for a quick hello as its so close to here and the time is appropriate as I shall leave work at 5:30PM. The only thing is: its kinda weird metting up with people I never did really get along with in the first place and used to tease me for my braces, my glasses and for being extremely shy at the time. Ok, they are 40 something years now and they wont tease me anymore. But still… I feel like an E.T.485103029_640

And, after almost 30 years, I am not so sure I will be able to recognize anyone. Weird. But I´ll stop by for a little hello. If it gets too strange, I will just get my purse and leave the place. No looking back. Never meeting up again.luau-party

Did I mention I dont have to work tomorrow (my Monday)? Awesome, isnt it!? The best part is that its actually a regular day for shops ans business. Only the federal courts will be closed and it will be “Justice´s Day”. Hurray!!!!!Tahiti-Dance_b95f3516-f4c6-4f2b-a2bd-7eedcfecc061_grande

After so many months living as a couch potatoe, I decided to go for a walk this morning and that was just a little walk. I went walking along the beach, but just until the Natural restaurant at Ipanema. I wasnt feeling hungry when I got there, so I got a take away. Also a bottle of organic coconut water.msungirls

A cousin of my mother and the aunties, is spending a week here with her husband. The aunties were asking and insisting for me, my father and my brother to go visit them today. I am not going, nor my father or my brother as they are not here at the moment. My brother is swimming and my father went to supermarket. You see, this cousin used to be one of my mother´s best friend. But since my mother died, I dont see her making any efforts to get in touch with me or my father, so…..hawaiian-luau-food

I´m feeling a bit sleepy. I´ll have a nap.16332f9f12e2822ae277ffea33cea18d

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