Rio de Janeiro Dec 2008/Jan 2009 – wonderful days together
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0021 Hello, readers! Here are more pictures  to show you0061 the wonderful days Cam and I spent here, in Rio, together. These first two pictures we took in Niterói, which is a city very close to Rio. My cousin, Valeria, is living there and she offered the family a Christmas lunch. 046 Now, these pictures were taken at Copacabana beach. very HOT day. We walked a lot! Loads of exercise. 008

0062 005 I think we took those pictures just after Christmas.

new_years-006 Here we were at my aunt Nina´s place going to watch the fireworks at Copacabana beach.  0022 There we are at the Tiwn Aunties Motel, getting ready to go out.


anacamfromphone-001 This is my handsome husband having a frozen yogurt (which wasnt as good as we expected… guess Brazilians cant really make good frozen yogurts).

010 This photo was taken at a restaurant called Sabor & Saude (which means ” flavor and health”) at Rio´s Downtown. We went there for a walk at Dec 30th. We tried to walk around the streets but it was SO HOT we just couldnt do much…. But having lunch at this place was quite good. Like an Oasis. we had air conditioner and got a nice table. Ate organic and fresh food and juices.

054 Now, these pictures were taken at Ipanema Beach. We were walking towards Copacabana. We met my cousins an aunt. 055 It was Dec 31th afternoon. 2009_rio_jan_9-005 Here I am at a cafe called Letras & Expressões, at Leblon. We stopped for drinks and little treats.2009_rio_jan_9-003

2009_rio_jan_9-006 2009_rio_jan_9-020 This is Leblon Mall. Interesting “machine” to make dolls! Fun for the kiddies.

2009_rio_jan_9-0232009_rio_jan_9-024 Now, we were walking around Gavea. Nice residential area. Lots of houses.

2009_rio_jan_9-0501 2009_rio_jan_9-061 Drinking juices at Big Bi! We go a lot to these juice shops! My husband loves the strawberry with milk!

2009_rio_jan_9-059 2009_rio_jan_9-062

2009_rio_jan_9-063 Here we are at Parque Lage.  2009_rio_jan_9-065 It was nice to walk around there. And talking pictures. It was January 9th.


2009_rio_jan_9-087 2009_rio_jan_9-089

2009_rio_jan_9-096 2009_rio_jan_9-105

2009_rio_jan_9-118 2009_jan_10_rio-023 Here we were at Vera´s building entrance. She will give birth to twin boys next Tursday!


rio-020 This is us, my father and my brother having lunch at a restaurant in Leblon, very close to my father´s place. rio-014

rio-016 It was like 40ºC that day…

2009_jan_10_rio-010 2009_rio_jan_9-045

2009_rio_jan_9-047 We went to visit a cultural place called “Centro Cultural Moreira Salles” 2009_rio_jan_9-029 By the way, we couldnt take pictures but before we were told off, we took a couple of pictures …..


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