I am the biggest LOSER!
Posted by Ana Lucia at 7:11 am in Ana's Musings...

Yes. That´s right! Since this Thursday I started doing (daily) the workout called Walked Away the Pounds! Its amazing!!

I have been sweating loads wth the power walking and burning so many many calories.leslie-sansone-3-mile-weight-loss-walk I am very excited and intend to countinue doing this workout daily, as much as I can. I feel great afterwards. jillian-michaelsThis makes me feel so relaxed and gives me a natural high. lowseB6rBesides, by doing this I will get fit enough to jog with my husband next time I´m in New Zealand! Also, by doing this at home I can do it anytime I want or can. In the morning or in the evening…. I just need my room and the computer online.leslie-sansone-walk-away-the-pounds-3-workouts

Thanks to Leslie Sansone! This American lady created this indoors workout method and it really works.


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