What is happening this week
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Hello readers.


Its very late (1 am ) and I am SO tired. I finised my workout at midnight (did the whole series I wanted to) Yay!!o-HARRISON-FORD-STAR-WARS-VII-facebook

As I told you in the “Biggest Loser” post, I am doing my daily Walk Away the Pounds no matter what! as I promissed myself. Its very important to my health and wellbeing. Its AMAZING! I can do it in my tiny room. Although, I have been haing problems which I testing my willpower. Star-Wars-17Yesterday, while I was very happy in the midde of my workout, my PC crashed in front of my eyes and hat got me so frustraded.  Today, while I was doing my workout, my father interrupted me so many times because there was Ana Claudia on the phone wanting to talk to me. star-wars-han-solo-610x377 I politely asked him to tell her I couldnt answer the phone at that moment but I´d call her later. But even so, my father interrupted me like 5 times. Also, Skype was droping off all the time so I had probems talking to my husband. So I stoped the workout and spoke to him and called Ana Claudia. star-wars-harrison-ford I just had a shower and I started reading a very nice article about health which my husband sent me and also read a bit of Janes Yee Blog.tumblr_n7szesLGfY1r9u7j5o1_500

I will try to sleep now. I am going to be SO exausted in the morning.  Nevermind.

I wish my husband was here snuggling me up.img-1003718-star-wars-episodio-i

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