5 weeks to arrive in New Zealand!
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And I am so happy! I will be close to my husband soon. Run fast time! Run!!!!brownie_nutella-9736021

I havent been writing in a while and thats a pity because I do love this Blog. I love that Cam and I we have this wonderful Blog. For more than one year now. I am so proud!im9ages

I am doing my workout series Wak Away the Pounds daily and I feel so good about it. Its amazing! Leslie Sansone is a genious. She developed this aerobics series that are s easy to do. You can walk anytime you want in the privacy of your home and get amazing results! She is so positive. I just love her videos!!! 30 min after I sterted my workout I am feeling so good that I just count my blessings. And I love when my husband is there online with me watching me or just being there and its so motivating!imag3es

I cant wait to arrive in NZ and to be with my darling husband. Have lots of fun together and do the things we love to do. I miss all the things we do in Auckland. Walk around Queen St, New Market, Devonport…. drinking nice coffees at Border´s cafe, driving around, and the little house, in Whangarei, the Library, the park and drive around. Everything is so special. And we will be together in our April 13th Anniversary!images

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