We are together and this is our Anniversary!!!
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Today is our Anniversary! 3 years and 3 months married and we are together here in Whangarei.Yummy Cakes Part 3 03 Its quite rare for us to being able to spend an Anniversary together so its extra special (although we always celebrate our Anniversaries online!!!!!!!!!). I believe Cam will take me out for dinner,which will be very nice (and yummy!).100_7277

Yes. I arrived in New Zealand on April 7th, at 8AM, and my husband was there, in Auckland Airport waiting for me :)!Plateful of Exotic Fruits

We stayed in Auckland for just two nights (at very nice Quest) and had to come to Whangarei because Cam has to work. But thats OK. We had time for a bit of walking around and enjoy a bit of Auckland. But we will spend a couple of nights there before I go back to Brasil. I did some nice shopping at The Body Shop!582704-fd914da6-6069-11e3-bb71-e2c853748ae0

We went to a meeting at the new Police building because Cam helps there and after that, we had dinner at Boggarts (wonderful pizza!). c04b000ddd7c31e11ba4b78c04c0db1dWe had walkings around the city, went to the library, did a bit of home shopping, went to have dinner at Cams parents yesterday and today we will do some Easter shopping.hawaii-wallpaper-09

Its wonderful to be with my husband again.Hawaii-Wallpaper-Free

The weather has been good and I am really enjoying the cold. I was sick of the sweaty grossy hot weather of Rio….palamanui3

We watched two very nice BBC TV series about Paris and Venice. It made us travel in our minds… (and in our hearts).

Anyway, I will certainly have lots more to tell on the following days while I am here with my beloved husband.ec642916367c87162cd2ad2153a32798

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