Its Sunday. And I have a headache…
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And I MISS my husband soooooo much.1-20131012_171523

I will be going to NZ next September and already booked my plane tickets. I will be flying Lan Chile next time. I had a terrible time with Aerolineas Argentinas on the way back. 14They are terrible. I am always terribly broken hearted everytime I have to come back to Brasil and I dont need anything else to make me feel even worse. The Argentineans are so rude and stupid! They probably hate Brazilians.74a5c429794fb27ea663fcd58f1069c0

I will book Cam´s plane tickets for him to come over to Brasil at Xmas time as soon as I can and I will get my travel agent to check how much it will cost both Lan Chile and Aerolineas. I dont want him to go through the hassle I went through. Besides, I suppose Argentineans probably hate kiwis as well. Bastards!!Afternoon_tea_and_champagne

I have this bad and painful headache since last night and its awful. But still I will try to do my Walk Away the Pounds exercises. It makes me feel so much better. After a month and a half not doing it, I decided to do it again yesterday and did 10 miles! Feel good about it. Now I will do it everyday. The exercise also motivates me to eat much better.  leslie Sansone is a genious. I LOVE her DVDs. I recommend them to everybody. You cant go wrong.cranberry-lemon-scones-recipe-2-size-3

Anyway, my head hurts and I will have to lie down on my bed.

Hope time will go fast so that I will call my husband to wake him up at Skype.DSC_3074

I MISS him so much. Love him so much.savannah-tea-room-fireplace

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