Jesus in your car
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Michael Jackson and the laptop
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I am MISSING you!
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No matter how many times I repeat it, it will never be enough to express how much I MISS YOU.

I miss you, my darling Husband. I miss you.

I love you.

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It nice to have a place to express…
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Hello readers.

First, Josephine´s nice pictures:



This lovely girl is my husband´s goddaughter, daugther of our very dear friends David and Mary. They live in the UK and this is their frontyard.

I would like very much to meet them. We spend such a nice time together in Whangarei, last year. I wonder how Josephine will be next time we meet her. I believe she will remember me.

This morning, when my husband woke me up on Skype (as usual), I noticed his voice was a bit upset. Well, first he gave me the good news that Gerald and Debbie are having a baby! How nice! It will be a girl.

But the thing is, Cam felt frustrated because we are not having a baby and we are not even living together. I can understand that and I know how MUCH I miss having him close to me. But quitting my job and moving to Whangarei now is something I cant do. At the same time, I dont and I wont put any pressure on Cam to come over for good. We are together for almost 5 years and I know what I want and I learned how to cope with the day to day routine we developed and, most important, I know how much we are the for each other and how much we share our lives and our thoughts and our moods and everything else. Ok, it is different and we wish things were easier, of course. But this is the way it is. For the moment. We cant compare ourselves with Gerald and Debbie, for instance. First because we are not from the same coutry. And I could go on forever itemising all the differences. Same thing with Ben and Karen or David and Mary.

My ankles are healing. Still I am not walking my normal way. I walk slowy on the streets and have sort of a hard time going down on stairs. But I am getting through. Did 7 days of fisiotherapy and now I am waiting for my health care plan to authorize the paymment so that I can continue my treatment. Oh! How do I MISS my Walk Away the Pounds workout!!!!

But having extra time has its advantages. I downnload many foreign langague courses (french, german, italian and polish) and I am reading more. And, of course, watching more DVDs.

Well, guess this is it for now.

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Geek Tiger Tiger!!!!!
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My husband sent me this lovely absolutely lovely picture!!! Though we would share it with you, dear readers.

have a nice day!!!!


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Ok… Maybe I was a bit unfair…
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May I was a bit unfair with the aunties. Maybe I over reacted…24-cupcakes-too-lovely-eat--large-msg-132813333688

I called them just now and Elizabeth seemed happier. 548960_largeI dont know. Maybe they are having such a hard time looking after my aunt Nina (who is 93 and very recently removed a cancer) Cupcake-presentand being with Vera´s babies make them feel better…lovely_cupcakes____by_narusshina-d4rbhvh

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Our 3 year 5 month Married Anniversary!!
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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, my Darling Beloved Wonderful Husband!!!6a0128769f8eeb970c01676444216e970b

You are my FOREVER blessing, my greatest treasure in this life. My soul mate, my LOVE, my lover and my best friend.Mermaid-birthday-party-blue-cupcakes-640x424

YOU are the LOVE of my life.

May God always protect us, always look after us. imag2es

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I injured my ankles….
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Yes….. Two weeks ago, I was doing some jogging in my little room and injured my ankles. I can´t really tell how this happened. I remember wearing my sports shoes and making sure to positioning my feet properly, but stil…bed-designs-modern-bedroom-decorating-ideas-bedding

After jogging a while, I could feel pain, but didnt care much. Than I couldnt exercise anymore because I ankles started to hurt a lot. After I had my shower, when tried to stand up on my feet, they were hurting so badly. I couldnt believed. Looked like the most stupid thing. How on the earth could I hurt both my legs to bad doing some slow jogg inside my very own room? But I did it.cute-cats-dogs-pets-animals-1920x1080

And, I must say, the feeling is terrible. It limit my moves so much. I have been walking around so slowly, dragging myself around, feeling insecure when I walk on the sreets, having to be extra careful when I have to cross a street. I cant even think about exercise and have now idea about when I will be able to. I cant go out for a walk….hot-chocolate-cookie-cups_feb-6

I am taking antiinflamatory tablets, like about 4 tablets a day…. putting ice on the ankles when I can…

Still hurts.images

Not much I can do about it.window_candy2

My Husband has been there for me and giving me all the LOVE and comfort he can. This is vital to me. Thanks to my husband I am not feeling depressed.Índice

I am finishing the tird book of the Twillight series and its so good! A girl who worked as an intern at the court, Natalia, she recommended me these books.  Well, one of the “advantages” of have my ankles injured is that I have been reading more.1afcbbd2a616daef52a7124037785191

And I havent watched much TV lately. I havent turned on the TV (except for yesterday afternoon, to watch “You are What You Eat”.

Its nice not listening to the TV, just being in the peaceful silent.10249925_f520

I MISS my Husband!!!!!!! Cant wait to be in your strong arms again, my darling Cameron. I LOVE you so much! I LOVE you, I ADORE you FOREVER!!!!!

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