I injured my ankles….
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Yes….. Two weeks ago, I was doing some jogging in my little room and injured my ankles. I can´t really tell how this happened. I remember wearing my sports shoes and making sure to positioning my feet properly, but stil…bed-designs-modern-bedroom-decorating-ideas-bedding

After jogging a while, I could feel pain, but didnt care much. Than I couldnt exercise anymore because I ankles started to hurt a lot. After I had my shower, when tried to stand up on my feet, they were hurting so badly. I couldnt believed. Looked like the most stupid thing. How on the earth could I hurt both my legs to bad doing some slow jogg inside my very own room? But I did it.cute-cats-dogs-pets-animals-1920x1080

And, I must say, the feeling is terrible. It limit my moves so much. I have been walking around so slowly, dragging myself around, feeling insecure when I walk on the sreets, having to be extra careful when I have to cross a street. I cant even think about exercise and have now idea about when I will be able to. I cant go out for a walk….hot-chocolate-cookie-cups_feb-6

I am taking antiinflamatory tablets, like about 4 tablets a day…. putting ice on the ankles when I can…

Still hurts.images

Not much I can do about it.window_candy2

My Husband has been there for me and giving me all the LOVE and comfort he can. This is vital to me. Thanks to my husband I am not feeling depressed.Índice

I am finishing the tird book of the Twillight series and its so good! A girl who worked as an intern at the court, Natalia, she recommended me these books.  Well, one of the “advantages” of have my ankles injured is that I have been reading more.1afcbbd2a616daef52a7124037785191

And I havent watched much TV lately. I havent turned on the TV (except for yesterday afternoon, to watch “You are What You Eat”.

Its nice not listening to the TV, just being in the peaceful silent.10249925_f520

I MISS my Husband!!!!!!! Cant wait to be in your strong arms again, my darling Cameron. I LOVE you so much! I LOVE you, I ADORE you FOREVER!!!!!

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