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Hello readers.

First, Josephine´s nice pictures:



This lovely girl is my husband´s goddaughter, daugther of our very dear friends David and Mary. They live in the UK and this is their frontyard.

I would like very much to meet them. We spend such a nice time together in Whangarei, last year. I wonder how Josephine will be next time we meet her. I believe she will remember me.

This morning, when my husband woke me up on Skype (as usual), I noticed his voice was a bit upset. Well, first he gave me the good news that Gerald and Debbie are having a baby! How nice! It will be a girl.

But the thing is, Cam felt frustrated because we are not having a baby and we are not even living together. I can understand that and I know how MUCH I miss having him close to me. But quitting my job and moving to Whangarei now is something I cant do. At the same time, I dont and I wont put any pressure on Cam to come over for good. We are together for almost 5 years and I know what I want and I learned how to cope with the day to day routine we developed and, most important, I know how much we are the for each other and how much we share our lives and our thoughts and our moods and everything else. Ok, it is different and we wish things were easier, of course. But this is the way it is. For the moment. We cant compare ourselves with Gerald and Debbie, for instance. First because we are not from the same coutry. And I could go on forever itemising all the differences. Same thing with Ben and Karen or David and Mary.

My ankles are healing. Still I am not walking my normal way. I walk slowy on the streets and have sort of a hard time going down on stairs. But I am getting through. Did 7 days of fisiotherapy and now I am waiting for my health care plan to authorize the paymment so that I can continue my treatment. Oh! How do I MISS my Walk Away the Pounds workout!!!!

But having extra time has its advantages. I downnload many foreign langague courses (french, german, italian and polish) and I am reading more. And, of course, watching more DVDs.

Well, guess this is it for now.

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