Green for Life!
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Hello readers!

green diet

Yes,  I know… I should write more often but there is the day to day crazy routine and a thousand excuses, whatever… I am not proud of myself. I should write more.sara snow

This Blog is so special. This Blog is one of my beloved husband´s great ideas and I am SO GRATEFUL we have this wonderful Blog.easy green

Hey: next Sunday I will be getting the place to New Zealand!! Oh my Gosh! So amazing. I just can´t wait to land in Auckland Airport and RUN to my husband´s arms! Pure happiness for us. And we will celebrate our 3 years 8 months married TOGETHER!!!!!

gorgeously green

I decided to go as green as I can (which is not easy at all living is a busy dirty city like Rio and also considering that organic products are so expensive in this country and there so tradition of eating healthy whoatsoever). ÍndiceWe have the juice places in most every corner but we (Cam and I) know for sure they add artificial sweetner to every juice we order….. hummm… And the sandwiches are nice, but not natural at all.

living like ed

My favorite restaurant – New Natural – in Ipanema is fantastic but completely out of my way work-home.  The “Kilo -restaurants” round the corners (like one block from my father´s place) are so expensive and you can´t really find much “greens” among the options. purple-lettuce-salad-550x366There is an organic raw restaurant close to my father´s place but SO EXPENSIVE… I´m talking about Universo Organico. There is another restaurant Celeiro, which is terribly expensive as well.

glorious green

My best option is shop for greens and tomatoes at the Hortifruti Supermarket and make a salad at home.  Anyway, I will see what I can do for the Little House while I am with my husband, in NZ. I just cant wait to be in Whangarei and feel the peace and nature all around. Cant wait to JUMP in my husband´s loving arms!!!

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Lovely Pictures!!
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What a lovely pictures my husband sent to me and I opened this morning.aZ5S9hL He just knew I was needing to look at things like this because yesterday I was soooo sad. There are bad things happening to my family and its becoming something really nasty.


tigys Well, hopefully I will have a great week and its getting closer for me to go to New Zealand and be close to me husband. My very beloved husband.9DQvsaa

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Aunt Nina
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Today, July 31 2009, my 93 year old aunt Nina died.

Rio 2008 December 518

Its quite dificult to describe what she meant to me because she was such a great woman, with the biggest heart, who lived for the family. She was humble, she was so inteligent. She was perfectionist. I love you, aunt Nina. Thanks for everything. Thanks for your kindness. Thanks from the heart. I am so lucky I met somebody as wonderful as yourself.

tia nina 3

After my mother died, I thought every other death in the family would not make me suffer. I was wrong.

Wonder how its going to be without aunt Nina. Her place was my family´s meeting place every Sunday afternoon. She brought family together.

Wonder what will my aunties do with her apartment? She lived in a very nice apartment in Copacabana, with a very nice balcony, really close to the beach. Its going to be dificult walking around her block and not having her place to visit.

tia Nina 1

Thankfuly she met my husband, Cameron, and she liked him. She knew he is the right one for me.

Well, if there is a Heaven, my auntie has a nice place there for sure.

Thank you for everything aunt Nina. Obrigada por tudo tia Nina.

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