Aunt Nina
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Today, July 31 2009, my 93 year old aunt Nina died.

Rio 2008 December 518

Its quite dificult to describe what she meant to me because she was such a great woman, with the biggest heart, who lived for the family. She was humble, she was so inteligent. She was perfectionist. I love you, aunt Nina. Thanks for everything. Thanks for your kindness. Thanks from the heart. I am so lucky I met somebody as wonderful as yourself.

tia nina 3

After my mother died, I thought every other death in the family would not make me suffer. I was wrong.

Wonder how its going to be without aunt Nina. Her place was my family´s meeting place every Sunday afternoon. She brought family together.

Wonder what will my aunties do with her apartment? She lived in a very nice apartment in Copacabana, with a very nice balcony, really close to the beach. Its going to be dificult walking around her block and not having her place to visit.

tia Nina 1

Thankfuly she met my husband, Cameron, and she liked him. She knew he is the right one for me.

Well, if there is a Heaven, my auntie has a nice place there for sure.

Thank you for everything aunt Nina. Obrigada por tudo tia Nina.

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