I am NOT going raw!
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Hello beautiful readers!

After a little while trying to become a raw foodist, I (sadly) came to the conclusion that I can´t live on raw foods.217683XL

But it´s not that I dont want to, because I would love to eat only raw foods.

I mean, after reading so so so many books on the subject and getting to know all the absolute AMAZING benefits (like being trim, young, glowing skin, glossy hair, bright eyes and clear mind…), its impossible not to fall for the idea.filename-108-jpg-thumbnail0

If only I lived in Los Angeles… Oh, my! That´s the place to be if you are a raw foodist. The city has a raw restaurant in every corner, they have hips of organic markets and loads of raw food shops.imag8es

Mind you, I live in Brazil where tha “natural fruit” shops secretly put sweetner in their fruit juices and smoothies.

… to be continuedLasagna Formaggio.ashx

Now,  finishing this post:

Cam and I, we are absolutely sure they add sweetener to the fruit juices here in Rio.apple-cheesecake-2

Anyway, after reading quite a few books and doing many researches online, I´ve come to the conclusion that, first of all, moderation is key (everything – even moderation – in moderation – makes your life better). i4magesEat as many fruit and greens as you can. Eat as many raw vegetables as you can. Never overeat protein and fat. Give your body at least 4 hours between meals so that it can digest food properly.how_to_make_cheesecake_30383_16x9

Yesterday I told my husband so throw the artificial sweeteners away as I found out they are as bas as poison….recipe-image-legacy-id--563494_12

Exercise is SO IMPORTANT!!! We are both doing Walk Away the Pounds and I´m sure we are going to see good results. Thats all! 🙂pswxvmx83s2mbjdg2ney

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