For as long as we live
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“But all the promises we make. From the cradle to the grave. When all I want is YOU.”p812053

I love you, my blue blue eyed darling husband. You are the love of my life.

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My darling Husband bought me Two Kindles!!
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Hello readers!

As promissed, I am going to post at least 3 times a week.

Anyway, this is the question: to buy or not to buy the Kindle (the ultimate fabulous gadget for people like me addicted to books)?

newsweek-kindle I am going to read the reviews at Amazon website now and also Google it. And finally make my mind. The thing is: I dont have any space in my little room to keep the books and of course I will be wanting to buy more and more books as I love them.

Buy the way,  I am about to finish reading “Remember me”, by Sohpie Kinsella, and I am reading it for the second time and loving it. And of course I will read it again eventually 🙂4833_1_296

When I finish it I will start reading”Drink, Play, F@#k: One Man´s Search for Anything Across Ireland, Las Vegas and Thailand”, by Andrew Gottlieb.berries-and-white-chocolate-mousse-R119171-ss

I dont quite remember if I mentioned, I am have this course every Morning, from 9 to 12hs this week and this is making me feel tired as I have to wake up sooo early! This course is supposed to get us, Justice public servants, ready to work with virtual files only as the files will be 100% virtual from January 7, 2010. The thing is: the instructor is not very good and its quite hard to focus on what he says…images

We had a major power cut yesterday, from 10PM to about 2 AM. The power cut covered half of Brasil, plus all Uruguay and Paraguay. It was terrible as we are having such HOT weather. Thank God I didnt have a headache…rQ1Ukfu

I have been doing my workout everyday this week and I am doing 7 miles or 9 miles daily. I sweat SO much! When I have the shower it feels so good!chris_legg_photography_cake_03

Today was a very good day at work as the computer system was off  and we cant do anything without the computer. It felt soooo good telling the annoying lawers at the counter we couldnt help them at all!fozzy_a


My darling husband found this very nice Blog “Journal – Mickysays“, by Adam Curry´s and I like it. I used to listen to all the Adam Curry´s Daily Source Code and always enjoyed when Patricia, his ex-wife participated.keep-calm-and-mahna-mahna-10

But… well… I think this woman, Micky, is nice and looks like she is making Adam happy so, I wish best luck to the couple.


Well, I guess its time for a little reading before I fall asleep…..

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This is my Sunday evening and, as I like to stand up to my resolutions, I must write at least 3 posts a week.

Its nice to have an online diary and knowing that maybe your words and your thoughts are being thrown into the Universe.images

Problem is, sometimes you´re not feeling your happiest or something bad happened to you and you cant help but to think about it and you can´t help but write about it.lounge2

I mean, I had a good weekend. Cant complain. Its SOOOO absolutely hot here (about 42ºC) and thank God for the air conditioner.

Saturday morning I sorted out a couple of things here in my little room and then went for a walk towards Ipanema to get my father´s medication.Red Velvet Cheesecake.ashx

After that I went to have lunch with my aunties as usual.

Changing subjects for God´s sake, I watched two very good movies . One was “Julie & Julia” (nice movie for women to watch and also makes you feel hungry because the caracters cook so much yummy food…) and the other one was “The Ugly Truth” with Katherine Hiegel (Grey´s Anatomy´s Izzie). Nice romantic comedy 🙂 My husband´s suggestion. Thanks darling!!!IMG_20140921_092551499

Also I did 9 miles workout this morning and feel very good about it! Because its SOOO hot, I sweat so much, its like having a lake of sweat under myself. But sweat makes you feel good and happier and detoxified.TuguBaliSpa7

This week will be a bit boring as I have a course from 9AM to 12PM in a building located at the worst location downtown. Hopefuly the week will go really fast.putu-villa-bali-spa-bali_270820090722173139

Well, I watched “Closer” (one of my ever favorite movies) and now I will continue reading my book.Shopaholic to the Stars (UK)

ps: my husband is encouraging me to buy a Kindle. I have to confess I am starting to get really enthusiastic about it! 🙂7099f560d85db3742ce15fdf43adebf1

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Xmas on the way…
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Time runs fast! Its November and I am counting the days for my husband to arrive here, in Rio, which will be Dec 18th. Yay!!!!! 🙂86623992802192918_JeJvhAG3_c

Today I went to Hortifruti as usual, to me some fruits for my lunch at work, and while I was waiting on line to pay for my beautiful fruit salad, I was admiring the nice Xmas decoration items they are selling. They are also selling nice Xmas gifts, like silver picture frames and decorated trays, etc…Christmas_decoration_(DSC04820)

For a long time in my life I used to really like Xmas much more than New Years or whatever date. Thats because my family´s Xmas eve feast used to be here and my mother would be preparing loads of yummy food and my father would take care of the drinks. There was lots of happiness.christmas_treats__candy_canes_gingerbread_house_ideas_for_decorating_my_bella_pearl

After my mother died and everything changed, Xmas became sort of a dark sad period in my life.


Only after I found my husband, Cameron, I started to enjoy Xmas and New Years again. We are together and thats our holidays time, totally off work, both of us. Also its close to our wedding Anniversary. So

It will be nice when we get to be living together again, we will make our little Xmas decoration and, if we have a little parcel, it will one more reason to decorate our little place.images

I am so blessed I have my darling husband. Because of his LOVE I feel happy again at Xmas.

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Resolutions for 2010
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Well, I must say, that thing I would like to happen in my life, most of all, is to be living with my husband. My very beloved adored husband.

We both know this will happen eventually. The sooner the better.324339_2139674284990_1040130097_31953686_350776458_o

My husband is the LOVE of my life. So even having to spend so many days in different countries, we are very luck because we know we have each other for the rest of our lives.Christmas_Plum_Pudding-4

Anyway, my resolutions for 2010 are:

1) continuing doing everything I can to spend as many days as possible close to my darling husband.images

2) save money and spend it when its for me and my husband´s benefits (like plane tickets and things for us together), or on necessary things like food, transportation, things like that, which we need on daily basis.images11

3) write in our Blog at least 3 times a week.

4) do my exercises everyday I can fit it in. No excuses!sweets-mainimage

5) read.

6) pray.

I believe that I will probably remember more things I could add to my next-year-resolutions list. So…unique-wedding-cake-alternatives-push-pops__full

Last Friday morning I got really upset with my Father as he turned on the element in the over to warm milk and didnt realise the element wasnt turned on properly. Hot-Chocolate-cynthia-selahblue-cynti19-27822063-1024-771What happened was that thank God Ididnt have to go to work as I was at home and went to the kitchen to get some water. ÍndiceThe kitchen was smelling gas (poisonous dangerousgas). I quickly turned off the gas as told my father off! The apartment could go on flames or everybody here could have died… disaster!4

imag2es 20120929_Naudziunas_Pie4

Its Sunday and its raining quite a lot. I´m happy I dont have to go out (although I went downstairs to buy my fruits, milk, biscuits and cheese).dc4266de-443f-47f2-a6ba-d6b0558d0324

I´m am MISSING my husband so much! Counting the hours to wake him up and song him the little song.image8s

Now I´m going to watch Harry Potter 😉ima3ges

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