Resolutions for 2010
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Well, I must say, that thing I would like to happen in my life, most of all, is to be living with my husband. My very beloved adored husband.

We both know this will happen eventually. The sooner the better.324339_2139674284990_1040130097_31953686_350776458_o

My husband is the LOVE of my life. So even having to spend so many days in different countries, we are very luck because we know we have each other for the rest of our lives.Christmas_Plum_Pudding-4

Anyway, my resolutions for 2010 are:

1) continuing doing everything I can to spend as many days as possible close to my darling husband.images

2) save money and spend it when its for me and my husband´s benefits (like plane tickets and things for us together), or on necessary things like food, transportation, things like that, which we need on daily basis.images11

3) write in our Blog at least 3 times a week.

4) do my exercises everyday I can fit it in. No excuses!sweets-mainimage

5) read.

6) pray.

I believe that I will probably remember more things I could add to my next-year-resolutions list. So…unique-wedding-cake-alternatives-push-pops__full

Last Friday morning I got really upset with my Father as he turned on the element in the over to warm milk and didnt realise the element wasnt turned on properly. Hot-Chocolate-cynthia-selahblue-cynti19-27822063-1024-771What happened was that thank God Ididnt have to go to work as I was at home and went to the kitchen to get some water. ÍndiceThe kitchen was smelling gas (poisonous dangerousgas). I quickly turned off the gas as told my father off! The apartment could go on flames or everybody here could have died… disaster!4

imag2es 20120929_Naudziunas_Pie4

Its Sunday and its raining quite a lot. I´m happy I dont have to go out (although I went downstairs to buy my fruits, milk, biscuits and cheese).dc4266de-443f-47f2-a6ba-d6b0558d0324

I´m am MISSING my husband so much! Counting the hours to wake him up and song him the little song.image8s

Now I´m going to watch Harry Potter 😉ima3ges

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