Xmas on the way…
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Time runs fast! Its November and I am counting the days for my husband to arrive here, in Rio, which will be Dec 18th. Yay!!!!! 🙂86623992802192918_JeJvhAG3_c

Today I went to Hortifruti as usual, to me some fruits for my lunch at work, and while I was waiting on line to pay for my beautiful fruit salad, I was admiring the nice Xmas decoration items they are selling. They are also selling nice Xmas gifts, like silver picture frames and decorated trays, etc…Christmas_decoration_(DSC04820)

For a long time in my life I used to really like Xmas much more than New Years or whatever date. Thats because my family´s Xmas eve feast used to be here and my mother would be preparing loads of yummy food and my father would take care of the drinks. There was lots of happiness.christmas_treats__candy_canes_gingerbread_house_ideas_for_decorating_my_bella_pearl

After my mother died and everything changed, Xmas became sort of a dark sad period in my life.


Only after I found my husband, Cameron, I started to enjoy Xmas and New Years again. We are together and thats our holidays time, totally off work, both of us. Also its close to our wedding Anniversary. So great.christmas-cookie-decorating-ideas-back-float-bear-cookies-53235

It will be nice when we get to be living together again, we will make our little Xmas decoration and, if we have a little parcel, it will one more reason to decorate our little place.images

I am so blessed I have my darling husband. Because of his LOVE I feel happy again at Xmas.

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