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This is my Sunday evening and, as I like to stand up to my resolutions, I must write at least 3 posts a week.

Its nice to have an online diary and knowing that maybe your words and your thoughts are being thrown into the Universe.images

Problem is, sometimes you´re not feeling your happiest or something bad happened to you and you cant help but to think about it and you can´t help but write about it.lounge2

I mean, I had a good weekend. Cant complain. Its SOOOO absolutely hot here (about 42ºC) and thank God for the air conditioner.

Saturday morning I sorted out a couple of things here in my little room and then went for a walk towards Ipanema to get my father´s medication.Red Velvet Cheesecake.ashx

After that I went to have lunch with my aunties as usual.

Changing subjects for God´s sake, I watched two very good movies . One was “Julie & Julia” (nice movie for women to watch and also makes you feel hungry because the caracters cook so much yummy food…) and the other one was “The Ugly Truth” with Katherine Hiegel (Grey´s Anatomy´s Izzie). Nice romantic comedy 🙂 My husband´s suggestion. Thanks darling!!!IMG_20140921_092551499

Also I did 9 miles workout this morning and feel very good about it! Because its SOOO hot, I sweat so much, its like having a lake of sweat under myself. But sweat makes you feel good and happier and detoxified.TuguBaliSpa7

This week will be a bit boring as I have a course from 9AM to 12PM in a building located at the worst location downtown. Hopefuly the week will go really fast.putu-villa-bali-spa-bali_270820090722173139

Well, I watched “Closer” (one of my ever favorite movies) and now I will continue reading my book.Shopaholic to the Stars (UK)

ps: my husband is encouraging me to buy a Kindle. I have to confess I am starting to get really enthusiastic about it! 🙂7099f560d85db3742ce15fdf43adebf1

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