My darling Husband bought me Two Kindles!!
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Hello readers!

As promissed, I am going to post at least 3 times a week.

Anyway, this is the question: to buy or not to buy the Kindle (the ultimate fabulous gadget for people like me addicted to books)?

newsweek-kindle I am going to read the reviews at Amazon website now and also Google it. And finally make my mind. The thing is: I dont have any space in my little room to keep the books and of course I will be wanting to buy more and more books as I love them.

Buy the way,  I am about to finish reading “Remember me”, by Sohpie Kinsella, and I am reading it for the second time and loving it. And of course I will read it again eventually 🙂4833_1_296

When I finish it I will start reading”Drink, Play, F@#k: One Man´s Search for Anything Across Ireland, Las Vegas and Thailand”, by Andrew Gottlieb.berries-and-white-chocolate-mousse-R119171-ss

I dont quite remember if I mentioned, I am have this course every Morning, from 9 to 12hs this week and this is making me feel tired as I have to wake up sooo early! This course is supposed to get us, Justice public servants, ready to work with virtual files only as the files will be 100% virtual from January 7, 2010. The thing is: the instructor is not very good and its quite hard to focus on what he says…images

We had a major power cut yesterday, from 10PM to about 2 AM. The power cut covered half of Brasil, plus all Uruguay and Paraguay. It was terrible as we are having such HOT weather. Thank God I didnt have a headache…rQ1Ukfu

I have been doing my workout everyday this week and I am doing 7 miles or 9 miles daily. I sweat SO much! When I have the shower it feels so good!chris_legg_photography_cake_03

Today was a very good day at work as the computer system was off  and we cant do anything without the computer. It felt soooo good telling the annoying lawers at the counter we couldnt help them at all!fozzy_a


My darling husband found this very nice Blog “Journal – Mickysays“, by Adam Curry´s and I like it. I used to listen to all the Adam Curry´s Daily Source Code and always enjoyed when Patricia, his ex-wife participated.keep-calm-and-mahna-mahna-10

But… well… I think this woman, Micky, is nice and looks like she is making Adam happy so, I wish best luck to the couple.


Well, I guess its time for a little reading before I fall asleep…..

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