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Hello readers!

Its so nice to write in this beautiful Blog which is so important to me!

First, let me start by showing you a picture of the wonderful days Cam and I spent together here in Rio:

This is us and the aunties going for a ride at Santa Tereza´s tram. My husband wanted so much to go there but I was a bit afraid…. So the aunties took us which was great 🙂

Anyway, I am missing, I mean, MISSING, my husband SO MUCH!Town_and_Country_fh000023

Last Sunday he was here, in this very little room with me and we were happy together. Even with the terrible heat. Every time we are together is just amazing and so intense. We have this kind of connection that probably very few lwould have. We are 4 years married now! I am so proud! So HAPPY!!!Índice

Yesterday I felt like going for a walk to the aunties place, which felt good. And had the usual lunch pastries with them.

Evening was good as well. Having my veloved husband online with me and doing 9 miles workout.resorts-brasil7

Today I spent the day home. Did some organization in my little tiny bedroom, did 9 miles workout, had LOADS of fruits for lunch..fruit_salad_by_shrapnel4201

Watched DVDs, went through our lovely pictures albums and now I am trying to connect the very nice hard drive Cam gave me for my Birthday. I will have to ask him how to do it because so far I have no idea… I want to make sure all our pictures are saved inside the hard drive.8247df3f40a1788c17e39acd079ea239

Turned out I didnt do any Bikram Yoga by myself. And I dont quite think I will have Bikram classes anyway. Its just that the teacher probably doesnt have any support from the academy where she teaches and also people here never heard about it anyway. The fact that the academy is not very close to where I live is a low point. I dont have much time in my days as I must spent eat least 7 hours at work, which is downtown.Reusing-Kombucha-bottles

Friday I tried one of my Kundalini Yoga DVDs and it was OK! So I will probably keep on doing that after Leslie Sansone´s Walk Away the Pounds.hawaii-snorkeling

Oh! Next Thuesday is my Birthday 🙂 43 years old, thats it! I am not upset at all for being “old” or whatever… I feel good for being healthy and for feeling much younger than that. I am blessed and thankful for one more good year of living.072-smoothies-4

Waiting for my husband to get online…….. Missing him……. Needing his help to access my new hard drive………

Going to re-read my Chinese Medicine book called ” Live Clean Be Strong and Stay Sexy”.

PS: Congratulations Ben & Karen for new baby girl!!! Hope we will meet her soon 🙂43887700_1242946627

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