Yoga is fun!!!
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Yep! Yoga is fun!

I´m so happy I did to full Kundalini Yoga workouts. I feel good. Even the chantings are good.

The stretching all through both workouts are releasing the pain in my right knee and my left foot.5715396_orig

The poses and the “breath of fire” are sooo chalenging. The exercise really motivates me. I know that if I practice this yoga daily my body will be stronger and maybe even my emotional will become stronger. Índice Shiva-Rea-Surf-Yoga-Soul-DVD-L054961818693 image9s Índi9ce Índice Índic5e Índ3ice Índ77ice Índi4ce Índi9ce Índi97ce Ín84dice Ín82dice Ín4dice Ín3diceGaiam-DVD-GMDVD061-aim-true-yoga_1024x1024 2642146

I´m the sort of person that tends to stay in my comfort zone if I can and because of that I have been pretty much only doing Leslie Sansone´s “Walk Away the Pounds” workout (which is great too and strong cardio) for such a long time.

But now, as I injured my knee and foot, the yoga is a more than great alternative.

(maybe I could get my husband to practice with me next time in New Zealand????)Shiva-Rea-Sepia

Anyway, the “breath of fire” is a very fast breathing that makes your belly moves when you actually relax it. Gosh! Its so powerful!

I discovered Ravi & Ana Kundali Yoga workout years ago while browsing through website. I have those DVDs and for a long time they were kept and forgoten inside my wardrobe.shiva_rea_goddess_yoga_feature

I think that maybe the reason I injured my knee and foot was for me to give my kundalini yoga a try and, later, when I´m more confident, try practicing Bikram Yoga and Shiva Rea´s DVDs as well.

Its quite late now and I should go to sleep (specially because last night I couldnt sleep because of a bad migraine…).

I will have good dreams with my beloved husband!img-shiva-opening02

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