Thank you for reading :)
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Hi everyone

First of all, Cam and I thank you so much for reading and posting comments in our little blog.Imagem08011

We ask you to register, but you can post comments imediately. We’d really appreciate it if you do. We just use the registration option to help stop spammers.Ana&CamfromPhone 161

I love owning a blog so that I can send my thoughts to the cyber space and someone will read it and maybe give me some feedback.love1_800x600

The internet is so amazing! Have I mentionend before that I met my husband online? I was here, in Rio, and he in New Zealand. We would never met without the internet probably. Isnt it absolutely awesome! Internet is sort of a destiny tool… What do you think? Did any of you met your spouse online?Snowman-Cupcakes

Anyway, by the time I wrote the previous post I was still recovering from a little accident in my legs. Now I am 100% fine and back to my routine Walk Away the Pounds exercises. Feeling so good about it. Really, exercise is one huge source of wellbeing and even happiness. BoyCupcakes (3)I fell so lucky not to depend on a gym and spend good money…. Also, doing my exercises at home makes my life easier as I can be online with my husband (and it actually motivates me having him online with me).Ana&CamfromPhone 080

By the way, I need your help! I want so much to buy the “Walk-Eat-Lose” 7 DVDs at but they dont ship to Brazil (please, check the link below).bedroom-fireplace

Could any of you PLEASE sell it to me via Ebay???? Please, contact me at my work email (pos AT I thank you SO MUCH for that!simple-blue-sea-paradise-beach-wallpaper

Its a rainy day here in Rio and a bit of cool weather. I love the cool weather but dont like the rain. You see…. bad traffic, having to carry umbrelas around….200604NZNorthIsland 228

Nervermind. Weekend is almost starting. 🙂200604NZNorthIsland 261

Again, thank you for reading our Blog!Blue-Ombre-Cake-by-JavaCupcake-91-1024x682

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