The Power of Fitness
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bikram-large-why-i-love     I´m so grateful that I do workouts. I´m a 43 years old Brazilian from Rio. I´ve always had issues about food (exactly the “emotional eating” thing).

I have never been fatso I dont have any before/after pictures to proudly show my progress.Bikram-Yoga

My “progress” has been happening deeply inside of me, of who I am. Its dificult to make a long story short, but basically exercises have been saving my life every single day. Índi3ce Índice Índ5ice Índ2ice Índi9ce Índice Índ8ice Leslie sansone Índice images 1583931h_1024x1024 3-mega-265x37551VPT9S6MYL 51KqCXMOzNL._SY300_

Exercises save my life every time I come home from work and I am deadly STRESSED, every time I miss my mother (who was my best friend and died when I was 33 yrs) and I miss my husband (who lives in New Zealand – and I live in Brazil) ALL THE TIME!!! The exercises help me to cope with missing him so much!images

Exercises have this amazing power to make you want to stand naked in front of your bedroom mirror and want to KISS your own body because it makes you love yourself  SO MUCH!

Do you know that feeling, when you finish a tough exercise series and you get in the shower and its like you´re in paradise?p4a

Well, here, in Brazil, people dont know a thing about in home fitness videos, which I think is a shame.

I love fitness DVDs because I can practice every time I want (although I live very close to the beach and like to go for walkings and swimming).

And because you can have the best trainers in the world right there, just for you!Pearl-spa-710x320

I started with Leslie Sansone´s Walk Away the Pounds and now I have a huge collection including yoga.

Anyway, I probably have much more to write about but its my 8 AM and I so going to do some exercises  to start my day properly. (to be continued)   xoxoxospa-tahiti

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