Its cold here!!!!
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Its soooo cold! Its been quite cold here, in Rio, which is absolutely unusual. Its not really bad, specially because I´vs got gumboots and I need to use them 🙂 But its not good either.Disney-lançará-curta-metragem-de-Frozen-e-mais-duas-outas-histórias-2

I just feel like staying under the blanckets and do nothing. Cold makes me want to eat more as well… Makes me feel like not doing my workout. Just get in the hot shower when I get home from work and eat lots of junkie afterwards. Cold weather makes me dream of hot chocolate mugs and croissants or scones baked right from the oven…… yum yum yum…..

I miss the warm weather, the sunny days. Suddenly I miss the 40ºC summer heat and I imagine Cam and I walking around the streets here, sweating like crazy and searching for a bit of shadow. And I imagine us going to the beach and jumping in the sea and having fun.

Always feel a little down at Sunday Evenings… Another working week starting. Speaking about work, I did some ajustments and hopefuly things will be a it better.dream-home-kitchen

Now, let me change subjects before I feel like vomiting! ARGHHHHH!!!

I had a good weekend. Went to see the Aunties yesterday for lunch (as usually) and they served me pastries. We had a good talk and they didnt mention Vera´s kids. I think they finally realise they are not my thing and if I am going there to visit them I dont feel like talking about Vera´s kids. Anything would be a more interesting subject to talk about: like the economic world crisis, or Naomi Campbell´s scandall for instance 🙂

Oh! And I finished a very good book:

But the real HIGHLIGHT is that in less than 1 month I will start my holidays and will be together with my husband. I need him to give me LOADS of tiger hugs, kisses and caresses!!!!!! I love you, honey!!

Anyway, time runs fast! Its almost 9 PM already.

Working Monday tomorrow…. Wish me luck! 10995287_10204944821853817_4000615935701985377_o

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