Wonderful amazing days with my husband
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Just arrived from New Zealand.

I spend wonderful amazing days together with my beloved husband.

Every time we meet, its even better and we love each other so much, and its magical.

I am the luckiest woman in the Universe! I love my husband so much! He menas everything to me. He is my soulmate. Forever.comingsoon

Anyway, I was lucky enough to get three seats for myself on the plane from Santiago to Auckland, so I was able to get some rest. The first flight was really crowded (lots of people from Sao Paulo going to spend the week in Chile). I arrived at Auckland Airport in time and my beloved sleepy husband was there waiting for me. Such a wonderful moment.character-tangled-iris

We went to the supermarket and than to the very nice hotel where we usually stay (Quest on Nelson).cupcakes_06

First day we had a good walking around Queen St, Parnell and Newmarket, which gave us such good exercise. And we had delicious paninis for lunch!! Sooooo yummy!!243615066_2c08c264ba

And we got addicted to paninis! 🙂

On the second morning, as it was raining a lot and we didnt want to spend the whole day at the malls, we decided to drive up North, to our place in Whangarei.

Cam arranged to transfer the night we had already booked at the hotel to the night before I was coming back to Brazil.

It was raining, but the driving was really good! Cam took me to different cities (which I dont remember the name) and took our time driving.

Again, we had very nice paninis for lunch at a cafe.Bread-Alone-Bakery-and-Cafe_01

I felt so happy to arrive in our Little House. Cam cleaned and organized everything in our place. It was looking so nice, comfortable and cozy for us.

I met Soopy Doggy Dog (Amber, the neighbor´s cat)! She´s a lovely kitty cat.garfield_dormindo_333726caa40060b9c90d8a34675f6ebf_garfield

My husband had to work, and I would follow him to the factory and ready in the kitchen. But we also had time for walkings and going to the Library.

We found two very nice shops: a sushi shop and a decoration one. We had sushi twice for lunch and was very good._HND1624

We also had two absolutely LOVELY celebrations: we went to the new Israely reataurant to celebrate our Anniversary and had burekas and a combination of hummus and other delicacies. And we went o Bogart´s to celebrate 6 years since we meet for the first time and that we are together. Delicious pizzas, garlic bread and tomato juice.sweet-treat-thank-you-gift-ideas

On the first Saturday, we drove to Keri Keri and, although it was rainy and could, we had a very nice morning. Had a very nice lunch at New World´s bakery! And spent the rest of the Saturday at our place, very together.

What can I say… Every moment was amazing. So wonderful being close to my darling forever husband. Walking holding hands and waking up by his side. Doing everything together.

My husband bought a Kindle for me!!!!!! Yayyyy!!!!!!

The first Kindle he bought was stolen….. But my husband got a refound from Amazon.597524_006

Well, last night I woke up at 2:30AM and, to my comfort, my husband was online, so we were talking all the time and my Kindle arrived!!!! He sorted out all the settings and downloadings! And also included many books. I have a whole Library of more than 500 books! And my Kindle can speak!!!disney-princess_139028_6

Thank you, my beloved husband. You are the LOVE of my life!

Well…. time to go to work now…. I feel so much better to start my day now that I wrote this post 🙂 KURqkqP

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