My Kindle!!!!!
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Me beloved husband bought me a Kindle!!! Amazon Kindle!!! enhanced-buzz-16509-1353963355-5

Actually, my husband ordered my Kindle to be delievered by the time I was in New Zealand, but some very stupid person from the post services stole it…2009_Jan_10_Rio 022

So, Cam got a refound and ordered another one which succesfuly was delivered to him.

My has the Kindle in New Zealand and and my husband managed to download all the books I had already purshased at (15 books, I think), plus he downloaded many others.2009_Rio_Jan_9 050

Also, my Kindle can speak! It reads audio books!!! AMAZING!!!

Besides, I dont have anymore space left here in my little bedroom and, with my Kindle, my wonderful Kindle, I can have over 3,000 books! And I can have them all with me all the time! The kindle fits inside my purse!Rio 015

I LOVE my Kindle so much already and only my husband could do such a wonderful thing for me.

You are the LOVE of my life, Cam. You mean the Universe to me!!!!2009_Jan_10_Rio 023

If you’re thinking about buying a Kindle, then please click on the Kindle Picture below. That link will take you to It won’t cost you any more to buy through Amazon, but it does give us a little money because you’ve given Amazon our affiliation number. I have no idea how much we get, but if anyone buys using this link, I’ll let you know:

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