Amber the kitty cat
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Hi everyone.

This is soo cute!

My husband´s neighbour adopted a little cat called Amber.SAMSUNG SAMSUNG

Anyway, before my husband and I knew she had an owner, we thought she was a “he” and also a stray cat. JpVp10uSo we named he “Snoopy Doggy Dog” 🙂

Recently my husband realized that Amber lives next door.SAMSUNG

During the 2 weeks I spent in New Zealand, in September, the little cat would wonder around our place, but she wouldnt let me pet her.IMG_20140929_174708399

Well, the lady who adopted her had to go to the hospital so Snoopy felt a bit lonely and decided to become friends with my husband. DD33lk7

Not only she let Cameron pet her, but she tried to come inside our Little House.garfield-p-weeendy

What happens is that, one afternoon, my husband found her inside the bathroom!375000

Also, Cam decided to leave the front door opened in the evening and Snoppy got inside the lounge for a pat and attention. So cute!!!!IMAG0199

Thank you, my husband. You have the biggest heart. Im sure you made a big difference in this little cat´s life! IMAG0529


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