Hi Everyone
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Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you so much for reading and posting. Even for the nasty comments. Its all part of running a blog. Let me clarify some things: I dont hate Brazil. Specially because I have a very good life here. But I miss a lot of great things which are important (to me) and feel very frustrated for not having access to them in this country.decoracao-02

Like wheat grass, for instance. I have wheat grass powder, but thats because I bought loads of it in New Zealand (www.lifestream.co.nz) while spending my holidays with my husband. Wheat grass is soooo amazing to your health. Why on the earth they dont sell it here?!

Anyway, I notice that the Bikram Yoga post is the most popular. Still, I would love to practice it and its the only yoga style that got my attention. The asanas repetition and the heat seems very effective (the heat, sweating, makes you feel sooo good!). They dont teach it here. Why??mike-sidney-027

Well, I will probably recieve more nasty comments on this one, but thats fine. Speaking about kindle, I LOOOVE my kindle!! My husband bought me a kindle and its the best present. Its so simple to use and to add the books to it. Plus, the reading is so clear and comfortable to your eyes. Not to mention that you can have a whole enormous library inside it. You can carry your, lets say, 1000 books with you all the time and you dont have to worry about space to keep your books!!!keep-calm-and-fly-to-hawaii

I am always looking for good options on books and I would like to hear your suggestions. So, please, post.

All the best.fzdBdfn

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