How do you live a life of abundance on less?
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I have been a bit upset with myself for not writing as much as I should. I know its a question of establishing priorities, focusing on what is really important, etc… The truth is I have a couple of bad habits, which sabotage me every day, if I don’t pay attention.

And I now know a couple of little things that might help me to live my life. From now until I die.Thailand

The thing is: lighten up your life. Get to love what you have. Buy only what you need. Your life will be sooo much better!

Easier said than done.

Many of us feel that buying stuff will makes us happy, will give us comfort, etc.. But NOT. NO. Another thing: buying unnecessary stuff equals loads of clutter equals carrying weight inside of you. The clutter you bring to your life will be brought to the inside of you.Thailand_resor_big

And the way to set yourself free from this vicious circle is learning to focus on what is important and stop filling yourself and your space with things or food you get because you are trying to fill an emotional void.cozy-and-beautiful-backyard-pool-ideas

I know we live in a world full of advertisements and such strong powerful messages to consume. Point is: all these crap have been brainwashing us into believing that buying makes us feel good. So: set priorities and learn the differences between needs versus wants and entitlements.Rede Prive - SPA

The thing is, learning to live on less is actually freeing and empowering and, once it becomes a habit, you will never want to spend recklessly again.rayavadee-resort-thailand-3 One word: DETACHMENT. This one I need to practice. Really. Not easy, but I need it in order to honour the real blessings in my life.

Clearing out your environment beautifies, detoxifies and brings loads of energy to your life.

My Kindles, for instance. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the books and now I can purchase them without cluttering my shelves 🙂 Awesome, my tiger! Thanks, kisses, snuggles and caresses 😉20130707_171144

I am writing about this subject – which I am loving – because at the very beginning of this years, I cleared to top of my wardrobe and got rid of LOADS of stuff. Gosh, the feeling is amazing! From there I am totally into this mindset and I recommend this to everybody.large

Readers, please forgive me if I sound contrary to what I wrote above. What I mean is that I love the books and I will buy them (and books cant be considered clutter, can they??!), but the kindle keeps it all 🙂 Yayyy!!Índice


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