Here, with my LOVE
Posted by Ana Lucia at 10:01 pm in Ana's Musings...

Im here in our Little House, with my beloved husband.


We are here in Whangarei and its warm and cozy in the lounge. 5cuNT3p

Missing my husband and everything here so much!SAMSUNG

Whangarei grew up on me and now I like it a lot! Feel at home here.

I dont want to go back to Brasil.SAMSUNG

Changing subject, this morning I received good news about my father.  He left the intensive unit care at the hospital and is in a regular room.

I am positive that when I get home I will find him there and things should go back to normal.nutella-cupcakes2.100_7838

Every time im here in New Zealand together with my beloved Husband is better!!


Hopefully I will have a safe and smooth trip back to Rio.


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