A Year Without Spending
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Hello sweet readers,
While I was having my absolutely amazing awesome time together with my Husband in New Zealand, during my online surfing I found a video that changed my life forever – really really inspired me.
The idea is: not to spend during one year. Or better: only purchase things that you can eat or use up completely.
This is supposed to uplift and hight light you. Help you to focus on what is truly important in your life. And I believe this is true.
Lets be honest.We spend so much money buying SHIT that we dont need, just to fill the voids in our poor souls… Media has turned humans into mindless shopping robots, constantly purchasing new items to replace things we already have, even though we don’t really need them. Truth is, the more you own things, the more things own you. For the record: I am keeping up my goal of not spending for an year and loving it! I got rid of loads of crap and feel lighter, brighter, clean, clear and happier!

Kym Croft Miller Family-Photo, from Portland, US, convinced her family (husband and three daugthers) to go an entire her without buying anything that wasn’t depletable. These are the lessons she learned:

Ten Insights from Our Year Without Buying:

  1. When we shop less, we free up time, energy, and money we didn’t even know were available.
  2. Fixing items we already possess is not only frugal but creative and empowering.
  3. If we don’t fill all our own wants, things often come to us in surprising and fun ways.
  4. Envisioning our home as a free-store allows us to discover the potential in what we already own.
  5. Our desires often disappear when they are not fulfilled right away.
  6. We can promote connections with others by the borrowing, bartering, and lending of goods.
  7. Cleaning out our stuff and donating it lightens the burden of our possessions while helping others.
  8. By refraining from filling all our children’s desires, we learn how creative and resourceful they can be.
  9. Refocusing our attention on purchase-free places, allows us to see libraries, museums, and parks anew.
  10. De-emphasizing shopping lets the true spirit of holidays, birthdays, and special occasions shine brighter.
  11. Always remember to ask yourself:  “Is the way I’m acquiring things contributing to my profound happiness?”  You deserve to feel joyful, invigorated, and fulfilled and changing how you buy can help!”  10659186_10152491308942621_1795620500058503927_n

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