I am LOVING you, my Husband
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Hi readers!

I am LOVING my blue eyed Husband everyday. Every hour and every minute and second.

It makes me feel so wonderful that now we both are counting down the days to being together again. summer-beach

How magical is this? Cant describe the feeling. The way I feel when Cam and I are together. In awesome New Zealand.images

Cam feels a bit tired of Auckland, but I have to say, I love it and miss it. Its an amazing city, that is. So much to do and to see. Culture, leisure, stunning views, lovely walks…. Everything for every taste. Not to mention the novalties.summer-2014

Cant wait to see the  Xmas windows at  Smith & Caugheys´s Department Store.

Its all nice. Its ALL GOOD!christmas-cruise-hero-598x378

It will be Summer next time Im in New Zealand and we love to let the doors open in our house, get the fresh air, and enjoy the day light until like 9:00PM.

Also being granted a visit of a cute kitty cat (Little Amber).SAMSUNG

The beautiful drives, restaurants, picnics….viaduct-harbour-au_1866001b

Well, guess what? I now have New Zealand SkyTV that I can watch right here (in Rio), in my computer monitor. There is a lot of Living Channel and Food TV that I love to watch. No more boring TV! Yay! I just go throught the programs record what I want to watch.

“Location. Location. Location.”, “Come Dine With Me.”, “World Kitchen.” “Food For Fought”., etc……….

Awesome present, my Husband!432efcdf431af734d4e61069a2786990

I am so lucky. What a blessing! I am so grateful for my life. And it will only get better.


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