The Power of Candy & Chocolate
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Dear readers,

This is my Saturday evening and I have a confession to make: I am having a SUGAR CRAVING 🙂

Well…. As you know, I am all concerned about nutrition and stuff. So, I didnt actually have any sugary treats.

But, I am going to share a couple of Youtube sweet decadent videos I like.

First, the Japanese Kit Kats. Wow! Look at these flavours!!!

Now, two videos with Chris Pirillo and his beautiful pregnant wife, Diane. They review their favorite snacks. Sooo yummy! (I like watching Chris & Diane Vlog videos, because they have such a nice geek life. My husband is very geek and I like to think Im becoming a geek woman too 🙂 Even the way we met is geek – we met online, of course. Cam being in New Zealand and I in Brazil. So THANKS  a Million Internet technology!!!)

Also, speaking about treats, this is “Rachel Allen Cake Diaries” Food TV Channel program. I watch it on my New Zealand Sky TV, wich my beloved husband gave me. Love it! Check it out:

All the treats below are from New Zealand, of course 😉


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